For many people, laser vision correction is only a dream, but in reality it is a technology that is here to stay. Every day these procedures help thousands of people become less dependent on contact lenses and glasses. It is truly a miracle of modern science and technology. With over 30 years experience, you can rest assured you’re in great hands! The patient is the number one concern, thus our slogan “Better Vision Through Better Care”.

Many of our patients have shared their experiences at The Eye Center and with iLASIK. Below are some of the many wonderful testimonials we have received.

Everyone at the Eye Center in Leesburg, VA, was very helpful and caring. They will research your issue until they are sure they’ve done everything possible for you and your eyesight. I was very impressed with the whole office and the care that I received there.

Scott M.

The Eye Center was a breathe of fresh air for me. From the receptionist to Dr. Pearlman . You are cared for like family. You only get one pair of eyes in your lifetime; Dr. Pearlman and staff ensure that you receive exceptional care to make your eyes work to their full potential. I am so very grateful to be a patient of such an amazing practice.

Victoria K.

I seldom take time to write a review, however this place saved my vision! I have literally seen EVERY DOCTOR on staff, and they are all attentive and amazing. Add to this the support staff, who all are both professional and FUN, and you have THE PLACE for ALL your vision needs. If you are looking for anything from glasses to surgery…LOOK NO FURTHER. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Bradley H.

Jack DiamondJack Diamond

Radio Personality at Mix 107.3 FM

Audio Testimonial – Jack Diamond from Mix 107.3 radio talks about his experience with iLasik, Dr Boutros and The Eye Center.

Greg RocheGreg Roche

Radio Personality at DC 101 FM

“Hey, this is Roche from DC101 and I had Lasik surgery with Dr. B 6 years ago. My vision has never been better. I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with the hassle of glasses or contacts anymore. I liked the results so much that I sent my wife and my sister to Dr. B. They are equally happy with their results! I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else.”

“My family and I have trusted Dr. Boutros and the talented doctors and staff at The Eye Center with our eye care needs since 1998. Six of my extended family had LASIK surgery, and all with the best results and no complications.

Dr. Boutros recently performed my cataract surgery. I had zero pain, no complications, and my vision is crystal clear. I knew I was in the very best hands, because decades earlier, he had performed cataract surgery for my father! We also trust The Eye Center for our annual eye exams. The doctors and assistants are professional and personable, they ask questions, and they listen. We highly recommend The Eye Center. Sharon S

“I had my Lasik surgery at the Fairfax office and cannot say enough good things about this office. Dr. Boutros and Dr. Phan are the best and the office staff is exceptional. Very professional and everyone seems to truly care. You are greeted the minute you walk into this office and just listening to Roxanne take phone calls, you know you will be taken care of. Thank you so much for giving me 20/20 vision at 55 years old and easing my fears. I just had my one year visit and I only wish I would have done this surgery sooner. Thank you to the doctors and staff at the Fairfax office.” Elizabeth A

“Before coming to Dr. Boutros, as he described it “my world ended at the tip of my nose”. My sight was so bad that when my daughter was a newborn I had to sleep with my glasses on just so I could see her in her bassinet. One day my glasses broke while I was in my car. Thank goodness I was parked. I had to feel around with my hands to find my glasses. After finding my glasses I decided that was it was time to get Lasik. My father works for Abbott Medical optics. I called him and said “Dad, I’ve had it, I need to get the surgery, who do you recommend?” My father said without hesitation, “Dr. Boutros”!

Dr. Boutros and his team were outstanding. Dr. Boutros told me that my sight may be a little blurry when he was finished with my surgery. (Which took literally minutes.) I could already see better than before. I remember looking at the ceiling above the operating table and noticing that there was a happy face which prior to the surgery, I couldn’t even see! Later that night after a nap, I was amazed to find that for the first time I could see my alarm clock without my glasses! I then proceeded to watch a movie with my family. The rest is history! I could be a national spokesperson for the iLASIK procedure and Dr. Boutros. It has been a little over a year since my surgery. I wish I would have had the procedure years ago. It is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My teenage daughter who wears glasses can’t wait until she’s old enough to have iLASIK. She’d have it now, but Dr. Boutros said not until she’s in her 20’s! When people ask who did my surgery and who I recommend, it is without hesitation that I say Dr. Boutros!” Stefani H

“A life changing experience!” J.M. – IT Consultant

“I was only moderately anxious prior to surgery but the experience was smooth and completely anti-climatic. I wish I would have done iLASIK sooner!’ D.P. – Technology Consultant

“Very satisfied! Simple and comfortable procedure. Excellent follow-up care by doctors.” B.L. – Vice President Aviation

“My only regret is that I waited so long to visit the Eye Center. I recommend iLASIK at the Eye Center to everyone I know who wears glasses or contacts!” K.A. – Contracts Administrator

“AWESOME!” L.M. – Teacher

“Easy, fast, painless and great post op care! Very happy with the results”. J.N.

“I wish I would have done it much, much sooner! Thank you for your wonderful post-op care visits” B.E.M.

“I enjoy being able to see perfectly without glasses. Overall it has been a great experience – one that I would do again without reservation.” H.J. – Corporate Management / System Engineer

“Life changing!” D.P. – Decorative Painter

“I wish I had the procedure done years earlier!” K.R.

“Helped my ability to perform my job immensely.” K.A.T. – Exlposive Ordinance Disposal Technician

“GREAT JOB!” K.M.S – Intelligence analyst

“LASIK surgery was the best money I ever spent. I try to sell everyone I know on it, and some say it is too much money. I tell them it would be the best investment they ever made!” K.C.

“Vision correction has been great for outdoor activities. I can see a golf ball 200 yards away. I should have done this years ago.” C.C. – Information Technology

“Great experience. Highly recommend the Eye Center. Everyone I know recommended Dr Boutros.” F.M.

“Excellent experience. More medical in terms of pre-op eval, procedure, and follow-up than any other LASIK surgeons I met with.” R.M. – Physician

“Thank you. One of the best decisions I ever made!” M.K. – U.S. Coast Guard Officer

“Just as happy with the surgery new as I was 10 years ago.” M.M. – Financial Analyst

“Best vision of my life!” J.D. – Therapy Assistant

“I should have had the surgery years ago, I love the results, no glasses! Thank you.” K.F. – Naturalist

“Everything was done very professionally and I wouldn’t change anything about it.” L.K. – Sys Admin

“Hands down the best investment I made this year. I never realized how bad my vision was until it was corrected!
I know longer have to squint to read computer screens or street signs. Everyone at work is amazed at how good my vision is!” T.B.

“My wife and I both had LASIK and could not be happier. The staff is great, the procedure was easy and we are so happy with the results.” K.M.S.

“I work in Information Technology and I am able to crawl around running cables without my glasses getting in the way! Working is overall much easier and travel, especially to the beach is great! No more cleaning the salt off my glasses!”M.S. – IT Systems Engineer

“Why didn’t I do this sooner?” M.D. – CPA

“I can’t thank Dr Boutros and the staff at The Eye Center enough for my amazing vision. I have recommended my family and friends to come here and they are all so pleased with the results.” J.H. Marketing Manager

“I wake up in the morning and see perfectly, it’s just fantastic!” M.E.O.

“No regrets. Love love love not wearing glasses!” R.S. – Manager

“Nothing has been better than waking up and being able to read the clock! For the first time this summer I was able to see the dolphins from the shoreline.” A.R.J. – Teacher

“Great staff, great doctors! Best investment I have ever made.” R.M.

This has been a life changer for me and I recommend The Eye Center to all my contact wearing friends! Thank you Dr Reisner and Dr Boutros for allowing me to live glasses/contacts FREE!” T.N. – PR Specialist

“Great with no glasses!” M.R.S. – Manager

“Getting LASIK from The Eye Center was one of the best decisions I have made. It feels wonderful to have 20/20 vision and not have to worry about contacts or glasses.” C.G.

“The decision to have the procedure has been one of the decisions I have made.” T.S. – Construction Project Manager

“I was very scared about eye surgery. My stigmatism and vision was not corrected with contacts or glasses. I did not know because it was the way I saw things my whole life. After the surgery everything looks wonderful! I see colors more vividly and my depth perception is great. I can’t say enough good things about how about wonderful it is to see. Thank you!” C.G.

Great service at all times. A.M.

“Can’t believe I waited so long to have this procedure.” R.E.

“Getting LASIK was the best money I have spent. My vision is great and I am happy to have given up contacts and glasses.” A.W. – Association Executive

“I was referred by a college friend whose brother had his vision correction done at The Eye Center. I will passing on my own experience to others, as I felt the service was first rate. Friendly, courteous, caring, understanding have been shown by everyone I have dealt with here. All the traits you would want for the person correcting your vision.” J.F.

“Great customer service!” R.M.

“Before the surgery I had a lot of problems driving at night for my job. After the surgery I am more confident driving at night long distances without worrying about not being able to see the road or cars! The staff was very thorough and patient with me. My experience was wonderful. Thank you very much!” M.H. – Engineer

“Thank you all at The Eye Center for my new life!” D.C.

“The procedure was quick, painless, and easier than I thought. If I had the money I would have done it years ago.” J.S. – Graphic Designer

“You all did a great job!” J.M.S – IT Executive

“I am a middle-school teacher and I find that I can see better than many of my students!” K.B. – Teacher

“Everyone is super friendly and informative. It took me a few years to get up enough nerve to do LASIK and it is the best thing I could have done.” K.M. Account Manager

“Great experience. Recommended to my family and friends!” C.W. – Sales Recruiter

“Recommended to family members who had the procedure and we are all very happy.” M.S. – Real Estate

“The LASIK surgery completely repaired my vision and quality of life. It’s so much easier to go on vacation, no need to worry about packing glasses / contacts and supplies.” M.L.N. – Attorney

“I had such a wonderful experience here at The Eye Center. I was very nervous but after meeting with the staff and doctors I was at ease and excited to go ahead with the LASIK procedure.” M.A.K.

“One of the best decisions I have ever made! Thanks to everyone at The Eye Center.” M.D. – Student

“It’s a blessing!” L.N.

“I love having my vision corrected from LASIK surgery. The staff been nothing but friendly and professional!” K.K. – Human Resources

“Everyone at The Eye Center has been great. I really appreciate the flexibility and attentiveness. This experience was great.” K.S. – Management Analyst

“Loved it. Made my life much easier. Ten seconds of discomfort for a lifetime of vision! The wait leading up to it was way worse than the actual procedure.” Z.S. – Consultant

“If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat.”L.G.Computer Consultant

“When I woke up from the procedure, I was amazed to see how much my vision had improved in less then 24 hours.”
M.A.C.Bank Manager

“What a wonderful experience. I have been waiting 20 years to be with no glasses.” J.C.Pharmacist

“A wonderful enhancement to a full and active life.” J.D.S. – Staffer

To The Eye Center,
This is to say thank you, thank you, thank you for answering my phone calls and the courtesy you gave me as I sought to know more about Lasik. My experience indeed exceeded my expectations. For me the procedure is a clear difference that I compare to dark and light. My vision improved almost immediately. The same day I had the procedure I could see so far that I cancelled my plans to have a driver take me to follow up appointment the next morning. I drove well and was so excited I thought to myself “I was blind but now I can see!” This for me is a new lease at life. Only I know what this new beginning really means to me.

When I told a few of my co-workers I would be having Lasik, some were skeptical and others fearful. Yet some were hopeful that as the “guinea pig”, I would be back with good eyesight so they could follow suit. As I write, two of my co-workers have made appointments to have a consultation.

To those doubting if the procedure works, take heart. My biggest fear was a possibility of losing my sight, but how I was mistaken! I am living proof that God has given the knowledge to the doctors to help improve our sight. They are not after your money. They do many tests, including the day of surgery, to ensure that you are indeed a good candidate for Lasik. If you are approved, go for it! You will be thanking the heavens for it! If you are not, the doctors will give you alternatives to consider. The team’s best interest is for you. They are attentive and will answer all questions to ensure you are satisfied and comfortable before the surgery. Best of all, it takes 15 minutes or less for both eyes! Can’t beat that!! – Esther Ewart

The following account is the expression of joy that I have written to a group of friends, and I would like to thank Dr. Boutros for his wizardly skill that gave me a new vision to enjoy all the beautiful sights on earth without glasses.

Waking up last Saturday, I saw a crystal clear sight of the soft morning beams of sunlight peeping through the window, casting silhouettes of dancing oak leaves on the wall. I got up from bed and looked out of the window. There, my good old friend waved at me with her long stretch of branch while showing off her new spring dress of young green leaves which turned almost translucent by the sunlight. It was the most beautiful sight in my adult life because I was not wearing glasses.

It’s a miracle performed by a skillful LASIK surgeon just fourteen hours prior. You wouldn’t believe that I went out for a ride in the country right afterward. I could see the thinnest layer of mist kissing the green meadow after a brief shower. NO GLASSES !!!

I’m not done yet. What I’m going to tell you will blow your mind berserk. I can see things near and far because my left eye was treated for me to see near, and my right eye, to see far. This is a new technique in LASIK surgery, called “mono vision”. For people in the 40’s age group, if both eyes are treated to see far, then you need reading glasses (old people’s glasses) to see near. On the contrary, if both eyes are treated to see near, then you need the kind of glasses for nearsightedness to see far. Therefore they fix one eye for close-up vision, and the other for distance. And I’m glad took this option.

I’m still not finished yet ! I went for a follow-up today. Guess what? Mission accomplished ! My left eye: 20/20. Right eye : 20/25. To add even more thrill, the doctor said “your vision will get better, sharper”. I asked myself “How better could it possibly get? Am I talking to a wizard or something?” – Jeri Cooper

Dear Dr. Boutros,
Thank you for the LASIK surgery that you performed on my eyes Saturday, April 21, 2001. The results that I am already achieving are incredible. After 35 years of wearing glasses and trying to wear contact lenses on numerous occasions, your skill, knowledge, and application of modern technology gave me a very special gift.

I have already had 3 colleagues ask for your name, phone number, and website. You and your staff will receive my highest regards and recommendation. I will never be able to thank you enough! – Barron Bradford