1801 vs. 2005

Conventional LASIK is based on the optics of lenses. The science dates back to 1801 as you can see below.

  • Roger Bacon, describes reading glasses, in 1276.
  • Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocal lens, in the 1700’s.
  • Thomas Young, discovered astigmatism in his own eye in 1801.

Many centers use different names for conventional LASIK, as a marketing ploy, adding more confusion to the public information. Here, the myths are clarified:

“Every thing else is conventional LASIK not iLASIK”

Many centers call conventional LASIK:

  • Flying spot technology
  • Scanning spot technology
  • Wavefront optimized

But it is not iLASIK. iLASIK utilizes modern optics from 2005, Fourier algorithms to calculate the ideal treatment that is specific for the patient.

Better Than Glasses or Contact Lenses?

The clinical studies presented to the FDA show that the Advanced CustomVue procedure can potentially produce better vision than is possible with glasses or contact lenses. These results are possible because of the combination of technology and mathematical formulas VISX Technology™ uses to design an individualized Advanced CustomVue treatment.

Tailored to Your Eyes

The Advanced CustomVue procedure offers a level of accuracy, safety and customization never before possible with laser vision correction. Special high-technology tools allow us to precisely measure and correct the imperfections in each eye, which means treatment is uniquely tailored to the individual. We’re delighted to be able to offer the Advanced CustomVue procedure. With the FDA approvals to treat so many vision conditions, we look forward to helping people who may have been waiting for this day to arrive.

Wavefront: LASIK (Guided)

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