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Superior Care Leads to Superior Results:
The selection of a laser center is an important one. Besides cost, experience and convenience, the results of the center are an important part of the selection process. There are many important criteria that results are judged by. These include enhancement rate, and achieving desired outcome. This allows the patient to select and evaluate each center as we do in the scientific community.

Enhancement rate:
This is a very important number to consider in the selection process. It is a reflection of three factors: experience, attention to detail, and skill. The lower the rate, the less likely a patient will undergo a second procedure to achieve the desired result.

Our enhancement rate is less than 1.5%

The results:  
These are our results using our latest nomogram using the Visx star laser with smooth scan as of 12/09.

20/20 or better20/40 or better
Low Myopia
-0.50 to -3.00
97.6% 100%
Moderate Myopia
-3.25 to -6.00
 93.2% 100%
High Myopia
-6.25 to -14.00
 84.2% 97.1%

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