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VISX Iris Registration Technology

  • As a part of the VISX CustomVueTM wavefront-guided laser vision correction procedure, accurate alignment of the treatment to the cornea is essential for optimal outcomes.
  • Iris Registration Technology replaces previous methods of attaining accurate alignment, which required the physician to manually place ink marks on the white part of the eye called the sclera.
  • Iris Registration is a hardware and software product enhancement that is a seamless upgrade to the VISX WaveScan WaveFrontTM System and VISX STAR S4TM Excimer Laser – the technology that drives the CustomVue procedure.
  • Iris Registration Technology is a non-contact method of aligning the treatment to the cornea that provides greater laser alignment accuracy.
  • Unlike manual, ink-based alignment methods, Iris Registration Technology is not time sensitive, and allows the physician to re-register alignment even if the treatment has been paused or the eye has moved.
  • Iris Registration enables the physician to image the iris and creates a new level of confidence in the accurate placement of the correct treatment on the patient’s eye.

Key Patient Benefits of VISX Iris Registration Technology

  • It’s normal for the pupil to shift positions from the point of wavefront measurement to the point of treatment.
  • Accurate alignment is essential to optimizing customized wavefront-guided ablations, and the VISX IrisRegistration Technology makes it easer than ever with a fully automated method.
  • When the CustomVue procedure is performed, the Iris Registration Technology centers the treatment correctly, independent of changes in the pupil center from measurement to treatment.
  • VISXTM Iris Registration Technology makes it easier than ever to achieve accurate alignment with a fully automated, touch-free method of measuring and marking the eye.
  • Iris Registration Technology can save procedure time

How does VISX Iris Registration Technology work?

  • One set of measurements are taken with the patient seated at the WaveScanTM, and another set taken with the patient lying down on the laser bed. Then, the technology employs a five-step iris registration process:
  • The system finds and unwraps the iris.
  • The system then selects prominent reference points for each iris.
  • Using a set of sophisticated algorithms, the system finds multiple matching reference points for each iris.
  • The system then calculates the treatment surface angles from multiple matching reference points.
  • Iris Registration Technology then automatically checks the solution quality.

Wavefront: LASIK (Guided)

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