A comparison guide to show some important differences between The Eye Center and other Laser Centers.

DifferencesThe Eye CenterOther Laser Centers
iLASIKOffered exclusivelyOffer older technology?
High Corporate OverheadEliminatedCan account for more than 50% of the fees.
ExperienceMore than 25 years and thousands of proceduresSome with less than two years and no experience in other forms of refractive surgery.
LASIK Lifetime Follow-up plan for qualified patientsNo additional cost for enhancementsAdditional payment may be required.
The doctorsEstablished in the area for many years.Some with new doctors that left their patients in other regions of the country.
Postoperative care done at one of our offices for easy access to your surgeons. You will not be sent to other doctors’ offices. The surgeons practice in the same offices.YesIn some cases your care is done somewhere else, other than the surgeon’s office.
Convenient locationsFive?
Additional eye care services for you and your familyYesSome are limited to laser surgery only.